Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dear John. This is a break-up letter.

Dear John

This is a break-up letter. Sorry but I can't take it anymore.

I've voted National all my life. I was even a member, look me up. But next year I'll be voting Labour. It’s a tough decision, one I've pained over the last few years.

I’ve tried to let you know the issues. Written you and your Ministers letters and emails. But I’m giving up - no one's listening.

What you don't understand is the next election will be won or lost on the issue of housing. The middle class has been left behind. When two working people earning good wages can’t buy a house to raise their family in there’s something very very wrong with a country.

You said you were going to rebalance the economy. But you didn’t. We're more in debt as a country. We're borrowing billions to buy and sell each others’ houses and not producing anything in the process.

Bill English’s comments this week saying housing has never been more affordable show how out of touch your government has become. I'm not surprised, how would you know? Everyone you know has a mint house and all their mates do to. They love it’s now worth double it was a couple of years ago.

I know you will say you're building heaps in the next few years. But we know what they will be. Outskirts of the city, 600K-800K and a 1.5 hour motorway trip to work. It’s not affordable and it not good for people.

And then there’s the poor renters. Paying $600 bucks a week for a cold and mouldy house. How do you save a deposit when you're paying that much in rent?

On top that you now need a 20% deposit? What? To buy a house in Auckland that’s at least a $100K. I know that’s not much for you guys, but seriously that quite a bit to save.

I know what else you will say: It’s the market we can't do anything. That’s bull. You're the government. You can buy in bulk to get costs down. Can coordinate transport projects, set prices and make things affordable. I know that may seem socialist, but really its just using the power you have to make peoples lives better and give them a foot in the door, and you could probably make a small profit too.

What we need is:
Capitals gain tax:
Again you say it won't make a difference. I think it will. Whack 30% tax on the profit of selling a rental and investors will definitely think differently.

Resident only buyers:
If you're a NZ resident and live here you should be able to buy a house. Don't live here and probably not going to long term? Sorry, we need it for people who live here.

Just build something already, you've had 5 years. And don’t point to that sprinkling at Hobsonville, they're expensive and not that flash.

Rental Housing WOF
Landlords renting cold mouldy crap shouldn't be allowed to. Any house that's going to be rented should be up to a standard that isn't going to make people sick. Otherwise it’s the taxpayer picking up the bill on behalf of the landlord when the kids end up in hospital.

John, I really like you. I do. You gave a great speech at the UN today. But I think you've misread the mood. The middle class is getting left behind, mostly because of housing. You could still do something about it.

It’s been great, but im sorry, its over.

Scott Espie
Ex National Party Member 

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